Aims and purpose of Three Minute Learning.

How teachers and pupils can use our online App, 3ml.

Why we created 3ml

Three Minute Learning is a social enterprise set up to tackle a vital educational issue. One in six people in the UK are held back by poor literacy skills (National Literacy Trust statistics). This impairs their employability, health, confidence and happiness.

The problem starts very early in school, when children struggle, lag behind their peers and develop mental barriers to reading that grow stronger with the passing years.

It doesn't have to happen.

Active reading

Good readers are active readers. They engage with a piece of writing in many ways, often unconsciously. Research has discovered these methods of engagement and shown that they can be taught and learned. Passive readers can, with practice, become active readers.

Support for Three Minute Learning

We developed 3ml with support and funding from a number of organisations, including Glasgow University, the Scottish Government, the UK Space Agency, the Royal Academy of Engineering and the Science and Technologies Facilities Council. We are currently supported by the Scottish Schools Education Research Centre to provide 3ml to all members of SSERC.

How it works

A teacher account provides access to the entire 3ml library. The account enables you, the teacher, to:

  • create any number of pupil accounts;
  • collect a group of pupils into a class;
  • select stories around any theme and gather them into anthologies, for pupils to add to their work queue;
  • study pupil responses to assess their progress over time;
  • delete inappropriate responses;
  • see the leaderboard;
  • change individual pupil passwords.

A pupil account also gives access to the entire library of 3ml stories. The account enables a pupil to:

  • assign stories and anthologies to their work queue;
  • select a story, either from the work queue or the whole library, as instructed by the teacher;
  • read the story and do the activities;
  • submit the responses;
  • read colleagues' responses to the same story;
  • see the leaderboard.


For further advice on how to use 3ml, please go to our Guidance page.