Getting started with 3ml

Getting started

Here we tell you a little more about how to use 3ml. Once you've read this page - or right now if you feel ready - please click on the link at the foot of the page to register your school and start using 3ml.

3ml structure

Having registered and obtained a username and password, you will, on signing in, enter the secure 3ml app. Some guidance exists there, but much more - in the form of videos and text, as well as sets of review questions for the curriculum anthologies - lives outside the app, in the 3ml webpages. Which is where you are now.

Guidance and resources

The Guidance tab at the top of this page takes you to a collection of short videos on how to use 3ml. The Resources tab links to a page containing comprehensive sets of review questions for the curriculum anthologies. Both anthologies and review questions cover the whole science curriculum at Levels 2 and 3 (Scotland) and Key Stage 2 (National Curriculum).

How 3ml works

A teacher account provides access to the entire 3ml library. The account enables you, the teacher, to:

  • create any number of pupil accounts;
  • collect a group of pupils into a class;
  • select stories around any theme and gather them into anthologies, for pupils to add to their work queue;
  • study pupil responses to assess their progress over time;
  • delete inappropriate responses;
  • see the leaderboard;
  • change individual pupil passwords.

A pupil account also gives access to the entire library of 3ml stories. The account enables a pupil to:

  • assign stories and anthologies to their work queue;
  • select a story, either from the work queue or the whole library, as instructed by the teacher;
  • read the story and do the activities;
  • submit the responses;
  • read colleagues' responses to the same story;
  • see the leaderboard.


For further advice on how to use 3ml, please watch the videos on our Guidance page.

Register your school

and get started with 3ml